Medium Indoor Plant & Pot Combo


In Bloom Co has a wide range of beautiful low maintenance indoor plants in gorgeous feature pots.

Your Medium sized indoor plant and pot combo will be Emma’s Pick, so while the type will be a surprise, you can always expect that it will be a luscious, healthy, on-trend, low maintenance house plant in a beautiful pot.  A perfect home addition to introduce the calming feel of the outdoors, which also helps to improve air quality.  A perfect housewarming gift or just because you deserve it!


As our stock changes daily, feel free to call us after ordering to discuss what we have in stock, or you can put your preference in the Order notes and we’ll try our best to match it; if not, with something similar.

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In Bloom Co has a lovely range of indoor plants, with new stock arriving every week.

Stock & availability changes regularly, and we may select plants by value if we cannot supply the size. For example, a common plant (succulent) + expensive designer pot, or an exotic plant (hoya) + simple pot. Either way, the plant+pot combo will be equal, or more, to the value you selected.

We will always contact and let you know should this happen, so you can advise us of your preference.

Please note each floral arrangement we create is carefully arranged with the freshest seasonal flowers and foliage. This makes each one completely unique and one of a kind. While this means your bouquet may not look exactly like the images provided, we guarantee the level of quality and gorgeousness will be the same!

Add-ons of soaps, candles and cards will be selected by us to best complement your bouquet. Unfortunately, as stock and availability changes, we may not have the exact item as pictured; so may be substituted with that of the same or higher value and suitability.